The best birthday cake ideas from around the web!

With the realease of the first in this series “Thor” in 2011 – followed by “The Avengers” and finally (trailer below) “Thor: The Dark World” this series has risen to blockbuster status, and has quickly gathered a massive worldwide following. So how are you going to tie this into a birthday cake? Well before we get into cool birthday cake ideas, check out the trailer a refresher and inspiration!

Looking for a little more? Check out Marvel’s official THOR website it lists all the characters, and major plotpoints for the newest release! Now onto our 4 Thor birthday cake ideas!

1. Thor’s weapon of choice is a hammer passed to him from his father that bestows awesome power unto he who would use it for good – check out this cool ‘Mjolnir’ birthday cake!

thor hammer birthday cake idea

2. Use this awesome cake topper and design your own birthday cake!

thor birthday cake topper

3. Order cakepops for an easy take home gift!

thor-cakepopsthor cake pops


4. Create a Marvel Avengers Birthday Cake!

thor birthday cake ideas



Hope this helped! Comment any ideas you think should be included below!


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