The best birthday cake ideas from around the web!

Wrestling Cake Ideas

If you are looking for a great idea for a birthday cake for a man in your life, a Wrestling themed birthday cake is a great idea! Before you start designing your cake, make sure you find out what type of wrestling the recipient is interested in. Is it Professional Wrestling (WWE,WWF,WCW), or is it […]


4 Awesome Thor Birthday Cake Ideas

thor hammer birthday cake idea

With the realease of the first in this series “Thor” in 2011 – followed by “The Avengers” and finally (trailer below) “Thor: The Dark World” this series has risen to blockbuster status, and has quickly gathered a massive worldwide following. So how are you going to tie this into a birthday cake? Well before we […]


Sponge bob Birthday Cake Ideas

sponge bob cake

Spongebob is a modern day classic TV show with today’s generation. The show has been on air for over 15 years now, and has made two made for TV appearances, as well as one successful blockbuster release, and one upcoming movie release in 2014. Let’s talk birthday cakes… The main characters in this show are […]


3 Great Monsters University Birthday Cake Ideas

  Monsters University is the latest in the Monsters series of movies from Pixar studios. The Monsters series does best when it shows our kids the lovable side of  ’monsters’ – and Monsters University does no different as it follows Before we go into some great birthday cake ideas – here is a quick refresher […]